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15 May, 2021

Shade structure officially open

A new structure will help netball players keep sun-safe.

By Kate Kiernan

Demelza Fellowes, Tony Rayner, Emma Elliot, Leisa Savage, Catherine Clark and Laurinda Long underneath the new shed. Photo: Kate Kiernan

NETBALLERS will now be able to play the sport all year round after the permanent shade structure was officially declared open on Saturday.  

Netball Queensland and Longreach Netball Association (LNA) were thankful to have the shade structure in Longreach.  

The State Government and Longreach Regional Council worked to provide the structure over three existing courts. 

Mayor Tony Rayner, alongside LRC councilors, officially declared the shade structure open.  

Cr Rayner said the council was proud to have partnered with the Longreach Netball Association to bring the town the shade structure.  

“This community infrastructure initiative is a really good demonstration of what can be achieved when government partners with communities,” Cr Rayner said.  

“The facility itself is the biggest facility we have in Longreach, at over 10m high, 40m wide, and was constructed in record time within just over 10 weeks by XXL Constructions. 

Managing Director of XXL Constructions, Hamish Webb said they were happy to be able to work with Council on the design and engineering and build the shed for the town.  

“Council were great to work with and we are incredibly happy to have been able to provide a result that the community are really happy with.” 

“The Longreach Netball Association is one of the most dynamic sporting groups in our community and this shade structure is bound to make a massive difference, not just with netball, but potentially supporting many other sports in our community including markets and events,” said Cr Rayner. 

High-Performance Director in North Queensland and Ex-Diamonds legend Demelza Fellowes said she was honored to be included on the day.  

“Just to be able to connect into the grassroots of our game and celebrate something phenomenal that the netball community and the regional community have been able to achieve, 
she said. 

“Life in the high-performance space is so much about results and performing, but this is about belongings and realising where the heartbeat of the game is.  

“Remember that through our game you belong to something really special where you can realise your potential and enjoy living your life through this special community.” 

CEO of Netball Queensland Catherine Clark said netball was very much about communities and the shade structure allows for multipurpose use. 

“We have been working with LNA President Emma Elliot and her team along this journey for a period of time,” she said. 

“I think it's important for us to be here for moments like this because what they have done in providing that leadership and grassroots for netball, we wanted to be here to celebrate their special day. 

“Netball is the ultimate team sport, no one player can dominate, you can't throw the ball end to end, you can't hold it for more than three seconds, it teaches you so much about working with people and working as a team towards a common goal, and it's so fun.  

“It’s the ultimate team sport, which makes it very inclusive and attractive to everyone,” said Ms Clark.  

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