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11 November, 2020

Momentous shot wins Longreach Fours

THE 2020 Longreach Fours saw 16 teams battle it out over two days, with each team playing six games apiece, and the results proved that scores don’t matter until the last bowl is played.

  • By Bones - just Bones

The leader board changed drastically between games five and six, and after 15 hours on the beautifully-prepared green, it told a truly amazing story as two teams tied for first, fourth and sixth place.

However, our Club rules states that if teams are tied for first place, those two teams must play a one-end shootout to determine the champions.

This meant that the team of Kane Nelson, Ty Jesberg, John Finlayson and Tony Jesberg headed back out to the green to face-off against Clermont’s Eddie Storer, Aaron Storer, Greg (Budda) Stanton and Joe Aidulis in one last end.

Skipper Aaron Storer correctly called heads to win the coin-toss and earn his team first bowl. He told his lead, Aidulis, to bring the mat up, roll the kitty the full length and trail it into the ditch.

Mr Aidulis is a hard-working and dedicated bowler who always follows his skip’s directions because that’s exactly what he did, trailing the kitty into the ditch on his very first bowl, winning the entire tournament for his team with that single bowl as there was no possible way for Kane’s team to beat it.

Not one bowler or spectator left the Club during that moment, and the cheers that erupted when Aidulis’ bowl had concluded was incredible. I have never heard a roar like that at the Bowls Club.

Everyone watching felt for Kane and his team for losing in such a unique way, but even they said they admired that moment.

The final results for the week-end were:

  • Eddie Storer, Aaron Storer, Budda Stanton and Joe Aidulis (First place); Kane Nelson, Ty Jesberg, Tony Jesberg and John Finlayson (Second place); Ray Harmsworth, Ian Cameron, Dave Ramage and Paul Cooke (Third place); Tony Barbeler, Jason Barbeler, Bub Barbeler and Russell Schofield (Fourth place); Barry Jackson, Steve Hedge, Shawn Ryan and Wayne Chivers (Fourth place); George Kent, Mick Wedge, Justin Hunt and Peter Thurecht (Sixth place); Robbie Spence, D Blackburn, G Peterson and B Samson (Sixth place).

The fact that no team went through undefeated is a testament to the standard of bowls played.

After beautiful speeches from Geoff Geall, John Finlayson, Paul Cooke and others mentioning how well-respected the event was, there’s no doubt that the Longreach Bowls Club can hold its head high.

With new bowlers from other areas attending this year, as well as this event now being a carnival where bowlers can earn State ranking points at, there’s no doubt it will draw more interest from all over Queensland.

From the bottom of our hearts, The Longreach Bowls Club would like to thank Tony and Lorraine from Longreach Pro Tyres, Wayne and Tash from Longreach PDF, and the staff and committee at the Longreach RSL Club for sponsoring the event.

Let’s hope the 50 players and their families spread the word about our Outback hospitality, this beautiful little town of ours, and a small country bowls club staying alive through Covid-19.

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