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9 July, 2021

Central West juniors represented at State Trials

Locals were given a chance, last month, to show their skills in netball.

By Michael R Williams

The Northwest team discussing in depth their game plan. PHOTO: Supplied.

SIX girls from the Central West represented their district at the State Trials last month.

There were three from Longreach, two from Barcaldine, and one Rory Nicholls from Blackall. 

The girls made up a sizable portion of the Northwest team, which unfortunately did not go on to win.  
Goal attack Poppy Brooke-Laing said the experience was exciting and she enjoyed learning new skills.  

“I’m excited to use those skills in the senior’s competition,” she said.  

Poppy was ecstatic to play in the iconic Nissan Arena.  

“It was all under-covered and there was the actually Firebird’s court and around was another six courts, “she said. 

“It was really exciting to be playing on the same courts as the Firebirds.”  

Centre and wing attack Jaylie Miller said it was a long-time goal for her to compete in the state trials and plans to compete again next year.  

Jon Karger – father of player Heide Karger - said it was important for her to make the competition.  

“You know, to go to Brisbane and have an experience and see the new netball arena, to play against kids the same age as her who are a lot further in their netball was just such a learning experience for her,” he said.  

“It was really great.” 

Heidi said it was a good experience and she enjoyed being in a different environment.  

“We got a few goals,” she said.  

“[The other teams] were definitely on a different level though.”  

Barcaldine-based centre netballer Ava Arnaboldi said it was exciting to see the different facilities in Brisbane compared to her hometown.  

“It was really exciting to the playing the Nissan Arena because it was undercover and we don’t really have that in Barcaldine,” she said.  

“It was cool to meet new people and learn a lot of new skills.” 

Ava has previously competed at the state level in swimming. 

“I think they are both exciting, but I think netball might just get there,” she said. 

“It’s different because with swimming you’re by yourself and focusing on your own goals, but with netball, it’s a team.” 

Ava won’t be a part of the Northwest team next year but said she will still try her best to make it to the State Trials.  

Catherine Bourne won the Northwest Most Valuable Player Award and plays either goalkeeper or goal defender. 

“I really felt, when I was in the State Trials, I had built a strong partnership with my other teammate [goalkeeper or defender],” she said.  

Catherine said it would be a great experience to go again. 

“I would be very fortunate to go down to Brisbane and play with that team,” she said.  

“It will be really amazing to get that experience again and to learn even more new skills,” she said.   

The girls wished to thank their coaches, Thea Du Plessis and Olivia Young for their support and work with the girls over the last five days. 

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