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21 June, 2021

Youth Centre in Winton given thumbs up

New youth centre to be built in Winton

By Michael R Williams

The Old Winton Youth Centre will be put back on the market. PHOTO: Supplied.

PLANS to build a new Youth Centre in Winton was given the all-clear by the Winton Shire Council this month, with the old building likely to go to tender for sale.  

The new Youth Centre will include many features the old one was lacking, including a pool table, computers, and will be deliberately located near the skate park and tennis courts.  

Mayor Gavin Baskett said this is to incentivise local kids to be more active.  

“It’s just going to be a great place for the kids to go and meet — do activities,” he said.  

The initiative for a new Youth Centre comes as the old building had deteriorated to the point that it was unsafe.  

And while fixing it was cheaper than building an entirely new one, Mr Baskett believed the old building was not fit-for-purpose as it was originally an old church.  

“It was just a small building with a small yard, the kids couldn’t do much with it,” he said.  

The Winton Shire Council have been engaging the community about what they would like from the new Youth Centre including going to schools to have a ‘yarn’.

“We wanted to know about what the kids wanted, so there could be ways of engaging the kids we hadn’t thought of yet,” he said.  

“It gives them ownership; we’ve also been thinking of giving them a chance to name the new facility.”
Mayor Baskett said he wanted the centre to be a playful environment.  

“It adds to the liveability of the community, it will make families want to live here knowing there is plenty for kids to do,” he said.  

The Winton Shire Council aims to have the new facility up and running by the end of the year, or early next year at the latest.  

They are currently in talks with an architect, with the proposed master plan to allocate an area on the south-eastern side of town.  

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