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9 April, 2021

Wheels for those in need

THE local Longreach Lions Club have been providing the elderly and those in need with complimentary mobility scooters to get around the town.

By Kate Kiernan

Vicki Ussher Slade shows off the buggie that is ready to go to a new home

Longreach local David Little who has had his buggy for six months said it helped immensely in his day-to-day life. 

“It has made my life and getting around Longreach a lot easier, especially since Longreach has no public transport,” he said. 

“I have not got a car and I handed my license in many years ago due to a medical condition.  

“It is a great community service that the Lions do for people, and it makes it so much easier to go to IGA do the groceries or just odd shop. 

“I have the freedom and ability to be able to take myself out especially when it is very hot during the summer. 

“It costs me nothing and they just ask us to look after them, keep them clean, and then you have yourself a nice little machine.” 

The lions do ask that they buggies are looked after, kept clean. 

The club also assists in the cost and maintenance of the buggies provided by Slades Smash Repairs.  

Vicki Ussher Slade from Slades Smash Repairs said they work on repairing the buggies and the admin side of making them roadworthy.  

“We currently have six buggies on the roads, but we are always looking for more buggies to cater to more people,” she said. 

“We have one buggie ready to go, however we need doctors' certificates to certify applicants can drive as well as work with the suitability of the buggy to that person.” 

President of Longreach Lions Doug Allpass said they had been providing buggies to locals for over 12 years.  

“It is really popular and is a definite need for the town, there is always people after them and it is just a service we provide,” said Mr Allpass. 

“There are plenty of people that have not got a car, or a driver's license and this gives them mobility and allows them to be independent. 

“When you see us doing fundraising or selling burgers, that is where that money goes, it is staying in the town, we are either sending kids away for sport or school or raising funds to purchase or repair buggies.”  

Buggies are available for those in need, you can express your interest by contacting Doug at

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