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12 March, 2021

Weir Upgrades

A NEW WEIR upgrade plan is currently in the works as further repairs have worn from the infrastructure.

By Kate Kiernan

Plans to upgrade and repair a weir on the Thompson River are in the works, pending weather windows

Council’s repairs on one of the minor tributary Thompson River weirs has further deteriorated, resulting in a water level drop and a further collapse. 

The damages were first noticed on Friday, February 19 and the next day council tried to stabilise the situation with temporary repairs. 

Director of Infrastructure Services Roger Naidoo said council repairs ceased due to safety concerns and fast flowing water. 

“The damage got progressively worse from then on and the weir completely failed at the end of that week,” he said. 

“Council started preparation works to permanently repair the weir on Wednesday 3rd March. “The repairs were meant to commence on Monday 8th March, however due to storms construction recommenced on the Coffer Dam on Tuesday 9th March.” 

The temporary repairs were aimed at slowing the degradation process down. 

The damaged weir is only a small part of a complex system of upper and lower weirs. 

The closely monitored situation continues to pose no threat to the Longreach town water supply. 

“There is no threat to the Longreach water supply, and there hasn’t really been one through this whole event,” said Cr Naidoo. 

“We’re anticipating that the worst-case scenario would entail a 0.7m drop in the full level of the river. 

“That would still leave us well above the trigger height for level 2 water restrictions. 

“We’ve also closed the valve at the Fairmont Weir to store water upstream. We can then pump that water back into the main storage and restore it to previous levels once repairs are complete.” 

Council is working with the Bureau of Meteorology to find the right weather window to commence permanent repairs to the weir. 

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