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5 June, 2020

Tale of the itinerant cat

IF YOU think finding an escaped pet can be hard, imagine being in the shoes of local resident, Georgia Whip, whose pet cat P-Puss accidentally hitched a ride from Longreach to Brisbane last week in a story that sounds too bizarre to be true.

By Hamish Hart

CAPTION: Home again…Georgia Whip was reunited with her pet cat, P-Puss, with all nine lives intact.

Mrs Whip said her four-year-old feline had snuck into a removalist truck heading for Brisbane last Friday evening, beginning a series of events that could only be replicated through fictional mediums.

“I noticed she was missing when she didn’t come in for her dinner,” Mrs Whip said. “It wasn’t until the next morning I realised she had snuck onto the removalist truck from next door.

“I contacted my neighbour Saturday morning and asked the drivers to check if the cat was aboard. They initially said they had unpacked most of the truck and there was no sign of her.

“On Sunday at 3.30pm, I got a call saying they had found her in the shipping container and they were trying to catch her. At 4pm I got a call saying she had escaped the shipping container and was now loose in Brisbane.”

With P-Puss wandering the streets of Brisbane alone, Mrs Whip took the social media route for assistance, with her prayers being answered by Rockhampton’s Pet and Rescue Centre.

“I called around and posted on Facebook, and a lady from a rescue centre in Rockhampton organised two Brisbane ladies to set-up traps for her,” Mrs Whip said. “On Monday night one of the truck drivers heard the alarms going-off inside their depot. Sure enough, it was P-Puss. This time they were able to catch her.”

Although initially terrified, Mrs Whip said she was over the moon after finding out her pet was safe, thanking everyone involved in helping to bring P-Puss home.

“I was excited when we heard she had been found in the container, but we still had to organise a way to get her home,” Mrs Whip said. “When she escaped in Brisbane, I felt helpless. I was so far away, but so many nice people from Brisbane and even Rockhampton stepped-in and helped.

“The lady in Rockhampton really helped. She even helped organise P-Puss’s travel home. People from the Brisbane depot were so nice. They all brought cat food with them to try and catch her.

“P-Puss really couldn’t have picked a better truck to jump into.”

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