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30 July, 2021

Students test talents at Creative Generation

Students travel to Brisbane to display their talents.

Mackenzie Neuendorf, Marni Bruggemann, Téa Rumsey, and Leila Ballin at CGEN. PHOTOS: Supplied.

 LAST Thursday, local talents Mackenzie Neuendorf, Leila Ballin, Tea Rumsey, and Marni Bruggemann made their way to Brisbane to take part in the Creative Generation.  

Creative Generation — State Schools on the stage of CGEN for short is a yearly event that gives state school students the opportunity to be involved in a professionally produced artistic environment.  

Our local girls were given a chance to perform with more than 1,500 participants. 

Tea Rumsey from Year 11 at Longreach State High School performed as a part of the featured choir and sung as a backup.
“I really liked it because I could watch everything that was going on,” she said. 

“Even though I was such a small part, I really liked it because there was a bunch of people around me with the same interests. 

“It was a lot more people than just the school choir.” 

Ms Rumsey was challenged by having to sing more than 15 songs, two of which were in another language.  
“For choir, we usually only have like three songs,” she said. 

Year 8 student Mackenzie Neuendorf was a dancer at the Regional Mass Dance. 

Ms Neundorf dances at the Dance Studio in town and thought it was a good experience and wishes to go again.  
“I love how there were so many other people that like to dance too,” she said. 

“So, you have a common interest already.  

“I love going on stage multiple times.”  

Ms Neundorf, Leila Ballin, and Marni Bruggemann were all a part of the Regional Mass Dance which was a mix of jazz and musical styles.  

Year 8 student Marni Bruggeman said she enjoyed learning dances and meeting new people.  

“[It was great] to see what people do in the city,” she said. 

Leila Ballin, also in Year 8, said she enjoyed dancing in a bigger group. 

“Being able to dance in a big group with a big audience was a nice experience.”  

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