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28 June, 2021

STEM showcase

Longreach State High School held a STEM showcase earlier this month.

By Kate Kiernan

Jack Marshall, Roisin Wicks and Kobe Jackson with their project they created. Laylah Williamson was also in the group but absent on the day. PHOTO: Kate Kiernan.

LONGREACH State High School (LSHS) showcased its very first STEM exhibition earlier this month. 

Year 7 students presented their work for their Stem (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) class.     

 Head of Department for Math's Science and Vocational Educational and Training, Sky Lamrock said students did an excellent job in creating sustainable water filters.  

“Their goal was to solve a problem and that was to create water filters to solve the global water crisis using recyclable materials and easy-to-find objects.” 

“We focused a lot on the humanitarianism of water and to find a scientific solution to that. 

“A key focus of any STEM project is about collaboration and working together and problem-solving skills, and they benefited from that and developing those skills.  

“This is a new project idea at our school to imbed STEM and we do hope to build on this showcase for the year levels to come and expand that because we really want to ensure that our students are prepared for their futures, to be able to work in groups, to be able to communicate, and be able to solve problems,” said Ms Lamrock. 

 Year 7 student Kobe Jackson said it was a fun project, the best part was gathering all the materials. 

“We had to design a reusable water filter out of recycled materials, my group decided to go with accessible materials, we went and got bottles from around the school canteen, and gravel we collected from around the town,” said Kobe.  

“We used filter paper and paper towels but you could use cloth to catch all the big clumps of dirt and then we have a second filter which is paper towels.  

“We ran the water through the second filter so that finer pieces of dirt are filtered out and the result is cleaner water.”  

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