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16 September, 2021

Sleep-out for homelessness support

The Longreach Girl Guides sacrifice pillows in the name of helping others.

By Michael R Williams

The girls from the Longreach Brolga Girl Guides were tentatively excited for the sleep-out. PHOTOS: Michael R Williams

THE Longreach Brolga Girl Guides have camped out with the purpose of raising awareness and funds for a homelessness advocacy group.  

Orange Sky is a not-for-profit organisation that connects people experiencing homelessness with essential services such as laundry and showers.  

The purpose of the sleep-out was to gain a stronger understanding of homelessness; this was the first year they had their pillows removed.  

Longreach Girl Guides Unit Leader and District Manager Katherine “Crocka” Oliver said the removal of the pillow had made the event even more revelatory.  

“Even I wish I had a pillow tonight,” she said.  

“I had already thought I was grateful for what I had, but to actually have no pillow — last night I really missed it.” 

Ms Oliver said, despite the tribulation, the girls were keen on experiencing the event again this year. 

“We made a washing station and a dishwashing station — so they did their washing, and it’s all out of gadgets and ropes and knots,” she said.  

Ms Oliver said the girls had been growing. 

“I’ve seen them grow from when they first started to now, and you do see that throughout,” she said. |

“Not just in a year or six months, you see that every time they — it’s just good to see them grow with the people around them.” 

Girl Guides Junior Leader, Tea “Quoll” Rumsey said the night had been enjoyable.  

“I came this morning; I didn’t sleep last night, and I’m not sleeping tonight either,” she said. 

“It’s been a lot of fun; the girls were a little bit tired in the morning, but they’ve really hyped themselves up a lot. 

“We’ve made some stuff that I’ve never made — ever or in a very long time.” 

Ms Rumsey said the team learned not to take what they had for granted.  

“The girls were complaining last night about how they were sleeping, about how they didn’t sleep well,” she said.  

“But I don’t think they realised that how everybody who is homeless has to sleep in worse conditions than that. 

“They don’t get all the good food we’ve had, and they don’t get to have fun like they’ve had today.” 

Girl Guide member Taya Miller said she enjoyed getting her photos taken, and playing the games.

She said it was important to help the homeless, but not to give homeless people money as it is more beneficial to provide goods and services.   

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