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11 May, 2020

Second single for Longreach singer

LONGREACH singer/songwriter, Rhiannon Matthews, has released her latest single “Outta Here”, marking the popular musician’s second single to release on music platforms.

By Hamish Hart

Longreach’s lyricist…Singer/songwriter, Rhiannon Matthews, has a deep passion for music and is eager to perform her latest single “Outta Here” at gigs as soon as possible.

The popular artist began her endeavour into music when she was in high school, developing her musical prowess over the years by creating her own lyrics and sound.

Mrs Matthews said her latest song was inspired by relationships in her past and continues the story behind her debut single, “I Do”, released in June last year.

“Every song writer has an inspiration, and this is about experiencing bad relationships,” Mrs Matthews said. “It’s based on the past and when you feel at fault, but you realise after that you’re not; the song’s sassiness comes from that.”

Mrs Matthews said both “Outta Here” and “I Do” had personal attachments to her, choosing not to pick her favourite of the two.

“My husband and I had a laugh at how ironic it was releasing Outta Here less than 12 months after I Do,” Mrs Matthews said. “I have preferences and love both for different reasons. They have different outlooks and stories attached.”

When making the music, Rhiannon believes that writing the lyrics is the hardest part due to the difficulty of translating her perceptions.

“I’ve found writing difficult because of my limited ability to put my thoughts onto paper,” the songwriter said. “It’s hard to come up with a song that sounds like a song rather than just words on a piece of paper.”

Mrs Matthews hopes to release more songs in the future but current Covid-19 restrictions have made creating new singles difficult due to lack of income, but sees a silver lining as musicians across the world have begun streaming performances online.

“When gigs come back, I’ll be making more music,” the Longreach singer said. “I would love to record more, but money is tight at the moment with little income from gigs.

“With the current lockdown laws I’ve been considering Facebook Live to jog interest up and I hope everything settles so I can get back into the music scene.”

Mrs Matthews thanked everyone for their support during the current climate and is elated to see music bring people together worldwide.

“Thanks to everyone who supports and contributes by sharing or listening,” Mrs Matthews said.“Without your support, this wouldn’t be possible and it is wonderful to see people support online artists as we share our the love of music during these difficult times.”

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