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25 June, 2021

Rain closes WQ roads

A list of road closures across the district

By Morgan Burley

Drone image taken of flooding at Aramac Creek earlier this year. PHOTO: Matthew Newton, George Bourne and Associates

Widespread rain has closed numerous roads across the district.

Below is a list to all roads closed or limited to certain vehicles.

Closed to all vehicles

  • Ilfracombe Aramac Road
  • Cramsie Muttaburra Road
  • Isisford Bimerah Road
  • Isisford Blackall River Road
  • Stonehenge Warbreccan Road
  • Jundah Winton Road
  • Jundah Quilpie Road
  • Yaraka Retreat Road
  • Budgerygar Road
  • Hammond Downs Road
  • Bladensburg Access
  • Winton Jundah Road
  • Opalton Road
  • Diamantina River Road
  • Slashers Creek Road
  • Toolebuc Road
  • Selwyn Road
  • Springvale Road
  • Coorabulka Road
  • Diamantina Development Road
  • Donohue Highway

Open to 4WD/High Clearance vehicles only

  • Isisford Blackall Road
  • Crossmoor Road
  • Starlight's Lookout
  • Silsoe Road
  • Stonehenge River Road
  • Morella Road
  • Notus Road
  • Isisford Yaraka River Road
  • Ravensbourne Road
  • Blackall Adavale Road
  • Bimerah Yaraka Road
  • Tocal Jundah Road
  • Longreach Tocal Road
  • Cork Mail Road

For a full list and up-to-date information on road conditions, visit

Flooding may occur on roads so please drive to the conditions.

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