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7 April, 2021

Queensland governor visits the central west

THE vice regal flag flew once again over the Longreach township as the Governor of Queensland conducted ceremonial and civic duties in the Outback.

By Kate Kiernan

Governor of Queensland the Honorable Paul De Jersey with Longreach mayor Tony Rayner at the presentation where the Governors of Modern Australia book was launched.

Governor Paul De Jersey hosted the regional launch of the new upcoming Government House publication, ‘The Governors of Modern Queensland’. 

The Governor met with the mayor, councilors and community members to recognise the prominence of Longreach in the book. 

As part of the visit, the Governor His Excellency The Honorable Paul De Jersey said the community of the Outback held a special place in his heart. 

“This region holds special meaning to me as I lived here when I was a child and attended school here,” said Mr De Jersey. 

“What struck me then, as now, is the enterprise and spirit of the people who call the Outback home, this is reflected in pride, optimism, and a genuine desire to help others. 

“It is good to be presenting the book in Longreach, as there is a focus on regional Queensland and Longreach is such an outstanding center of the central west. 

“The object of the book, is to help explain the role of the governor and an important aspect of it, is that it tells and unravels the role of the governor, not only through the eyes and recollections of the surviving governors, but also very importantly, through the recollection and observations of many Queenslanders.”  

In 2019, the office of the governor started an official book project to increase public understandings of the contemporary role of the Queensland Governor and to tap into the essence of the Queensland spirit. 

Authors of the book, David Fagan and Madonna King, interviewed all living governors, Leneen Forde, Peter Arnison, Quentin Bryce, Penelope Wensley and current governor Paul De Jersey and sought input from all living premiers. 

“The mayors have a lot of interaction with the governor, and they perform such a vital role in ensuring the wellbeing of their local communities,” Mr De Jersey said. 

“ Councillor Raynor does a terrific job as mayor and it follows in some increscent footsteps too, that he leads a council that is so dedicated to the wellbeing of the Longreach town community and its surrounds.” 

Longreach mayor Tony Rayner said it was an absolute privilege having His Excellency visit Western Queensland. 

“His excellency has been a long-term advocate of government systems here for many years,” Cr Rayner said. 

“His support helps us continue to improve the level of service and delivery that we do, and the governor has been very supportive over a long period of time and we are very appreciative of what he has done in his role. 

“The Governor has in many ways, been a mentor for the councillors and mayors of Western Queensland, he is a good colleague and friend.”  

Mr De Jersey reflected on his role as governor and provided insight to the new book. 

“The governor stands at the apex of the governmental system and the governor's obligation in the end is to ensure stability of government,” he said. 

“Interacting with and uniting Queenslanders from all over the state is a great opportunity as well as a great privilege and I have enjoyed exercising that privilege and enjoying that opportunity for the last six and half years and it has been a great honour.”  

The Governors of Modern Queensland was published by the University of Queensland Press, and can be purchased for $35 from . 

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