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26 June, 2020

Qantas illuminates Longreach

LONGREACH’S Qantas Founders Museum is set to celebrate the airline’s centenary year with Luminescent Longreach, a world-class light and sound experience.

By Hamish Hart

Light em' up...Qantas Founders CEO Tony Martin is 'over the moon' that the museum's luminescent project is set to launch.

Qantas Founders Museum CEO, Tony Martin, believes this captivating experience will attract locals and tourists alike.

“There is nothing like this anywhere else in the world,” Mr Martin said. “It is an entirely immersive experience that won’t disappoint.

“Not only do we have a new evening offering for tourists to encourage them to stay another night in our town, but we have also created the Queensland Performing Arts Centre of the outback.”

Directed by Buchan’s Brand Experience team, who spent more than 13,000 hours on the project, Luminescent Longreach projects imagery onto the museum’s Boeing 747, located under the airline’s multi-million dollar Airpark Roof completed earlier this year.

Buchan Senior Associate, Anthony Rawson, said he was extremely proud of the efforts delivered by his team and found working in the outback town deeply rewarding.

“It’s a privilege to be working for Qantas Founders Museum in the airline’s centenary year when so much of Qantas’s history is being re-told to new generations,” Mr Rawson said.

“Beyond retelling the Founders’ story among remarkable aircraft, it has been immensely satisfying to have created a new place for Longreach to host cultural, commercial and entertainment events.”

The $3 million light-show, funded alongside the Airpark Roof Project, is a major addition to the airline’s history according to Museum Deputy Chair Graham Wills.

“It’s an important milestone in our museum’s development to cater to changing and growing tourism markets while ensuring the preservation of the Qantas story and the museum’s precious aircraft,” Mr Wills said.

Luminescent Longreach will officially launch on Wednesday July 1.

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