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10 April, 2021

Opinion: Proud to be vaccinated

PRIDE and passion to speak out, is what this journalist holds strong. With masks now compulsory and COVID-19 cases expected to grow, I am honoured to be able to take part in the vaccine rollout here in the Central West.

By Emily Blue Richards

A monumental moment for Christopher Mitchell who got the very first jab in Longreach recently. PHOTO: Emily Blue Richards.

This Longreach Leader journalist was proud to stick a shoulder out. COVID-19 vaccination bookings were offered to anyone eligible and over 18 in the region.  

Being overseas when the pandemic broke out, I’ve seen first-hand how deadly this disease is. 

Christopher Mitchell put his shoulder out for the very first jab in Longreach and had also seen first-hand how debilitating COVID-19 could be.  

“My son and his partner actually had COVID-19 and I know what kind of long-term impact it had on them and I don’t want to see anyone else go through it,” he said. 

“My son was 35 and him and his partner were in Canada, they tried to get tested in Canada and couldn't. 

“When they got back to Australia they went straight into quarantine and isolated. 

After testing positive in hotel quarantine, Chris’s son and his partners’ COVID-19 story continued to worsen. 

“[My son’s partner] was eight weeks in hospital,” he said 

“It’s going on 12 months now, she’s still suffering, she’s normally a fit girl, she’s [only just] okay now. 

“A lot of people have taken it a bit blasé, it's not something to be blasé about, I know that much.” 

For this journalist, getting the jab was a joy, not a task or a chore, the small round band aid felt like a badge of honor. 

The process was simple and very organised and very much like getting like a flu shot and was less painful tetanus shot. 

When I travelled overseas to Indonesia, I was recommended to wear a scarf over my face, like what it required of our state now.  

I was also recommended to have a Hepatitis B vaccination, which required routine administration in a schedule, like the COVID-19 vaccination. 

The AstraZeneca vaccine is proving to be similar here.  

I was told that now that I have received the first jab, I will be notified via SMS when I can receive the last shot and then time will tell how long that will protect me from the COVID-19 virus. 

I will have maximum protection against the virus soon.  

Some may be skeptical about the vaccine, however my choice was to take it as soon as possible, just as Christopher made the choice to step up and take the jab.  

As a 34-year-old, I am a prime candidate for spreading the virus so I take pride in doing everything I can to stop the spread.  

Bookings for the vaccination clinic can be made by calling 1800 953 703 or 0438 027 639 or emailing:  

For more information visit  

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