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27 June, 2021

Online platforms shaping our world

A local writing student breaks down what was behind his essay.

By Kate Kiernan

Longreach State Highschool student Lachie Horne with his English teacher Erin Landles. PHOTO: Kate Kiernan.

LAST week, Leader readers were able to read the work of an essay submitted by Year 10 Longreach State Highschool Student Lachie Horne.  

The feature article was a response to an English subject where students were required to watch ‘The Social Dilemma’ documentary and base a response from the aspects covered, from the selling of data to body dysmorphia and mental health issues.  

Lachie based his article around the effects of social media and the consequences of privacy problems, creating a strong and compelling piece of work.  

Lachie said he always had an interest in internet privacy, and that’s why he decided to base his article around that.  

“I investigated the things I had known about for a while, growing up in a world of social media, young people don’t realise how quickly and how big it has gotten, and they don’t realise the negative impacts that it is having,” said Lachie. 

“The only real way to make a change would be to legislate and do new laws because a lot of these businesses probably won't change their practices as it makes an incredible amount of money for them. 

“Social media has a lot of different impacts, primarily negative, it can contribute to things like online bullying, but it also has positive impacts as well.  

“Negative impacts include online bullying, privacy issues and the distribution of personal information that anyone can access, which makes it quite scary.  

“Social media does have its positives, however, as it makes it easier to communicate with people living remotely all around the world as it supports long-distance relationships with family and friends.”  

The power of online connectivity was seen when the world went into last year's COVID-19 lockdown.  

Family, friends, and people all over the world turned to online platforms to stay connected. 

Online relationships are still a huge part of the workforce today, with Australian’s using online platforms such as Facebook, Microsoft Teams, Zoom for work, study and even connecting with friends.  

Lachie said social media platforms are incredibly popular around school, with students using YouTube, Snapchat, Tik Tok, and Instagram daily.  

“Social media enables our communication and ability to share ideas and collaborate with people remotely,” said Lachie.  

“The feature article I wrote was to inform people about the impacts of social media and data collection, as many people are unaware.” 

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