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17 July, 2021

New mural to symbolise harmony

Artists have together from all over the town to build a significant mural.

By Michael R Williams

Myrtle and Tony Weldon from the Longreach Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Association unveiling the Walking Together in Harmony installation. PHOTOS: Michael R Williams.

IN COLLABORATION with Iningai custodians Myrtle and Tony Weldon, the Longreach Arts and Crafts Centre unveiled a new mural, instigated, and orchestrated by Joyce Crombie, this weekend.  

The mural was painted by many different artists and signifies a coming together of the people in the Longreach Region. 

While Ms Weldon said the painting was not a part of the Longreach commemorations for NAIDOC week, she did say the timing of the painting’s unveiling was poignant. 

“It is important that we all work together and walk together in harmony,” she said.  

Longreach Arts and Cultural Association President Heather Hale said the purpose of the artwork was about the Iningai people walking in harmony with people who were historically colonisers.  

“To me the significance was that we all came together to create a piece of work that represented indigenous Australians and non-indigenous Australians,” she said.  

“Some excellent and well known-artists and people who had never put a brush to a piece of paper, we just all worked together to create this beautiful art piece. 

“It was then pulled together by a digital artist who understood and knew this country as well as she worked out here for many years.” 

The unveiling of the artwork was meant to coincide with the Women of the World Festival, but as that was cancelled due to COVID, Ms Hale said the turnout was still reasonable.  

She said it was unfortunate that Longreach, Indigenous Joyce Crombie was unable to attend the unveiling as she was one of the instigators and driving forces behind the creation of the artwork.  

Ms Crombie, unfortunately, was unable to attend due to illness.  

“She and her sister, Barb Crombie were our tutors you could say in the process that led to the creation of the art installation,” said Ms Hale.   

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