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14 May, 2021

New exhibition at Qantas Founders

Qantas has a new exhibition at the Qantas Founders Museum

By Kate Kiernan

The contours can be seen at the forefront of the image at a section of the Longway property. PHOTO: Kate Kiernan.

LAST month a replica of the iconic Boeing 747-200 First Class lounge was unveiled at the Qantas Founders Museum.  

Qantas board members including CEO of Qantas Alan Joyce unveiled a new exhibit as part of their ongoing centenary celebrations.  

Alan Joyce said it was an incredible milestone to celebrate 100 years of one of the world's oldest continuing airlines.  

“We are immensely proud of that and it's always part of our roots that we started as a regional airline and grew to this massive airline carrier,” he said. 

“I come back every five years to celebrate those milestones, every year I come back I am blown away as to how the museum has been enhanced each time I visit. 

“I don’t think the original founders would have imagined that this airline would have been as big as it is 100 years later,” said Mr Joyce.  

The exhibit is a replica of the iconic Boeing 747-200 First Class inflight lounge.  

The custom-made replica was built as a set for the airline’s centenary safety video and was recently gifted by Qantas on long-term loan to the Founders Museum. 

The new safety video goes through every decade of Qantas. 

The replica will feature in the museum’s main exhibition hall, alongside an original Qantas 1970s uniform by designer Emilio Pucci and onboard products from the era including menus, silverware, and crockery. 

“This Captain Cook lounge was the most exclusive part of flying because it was for first-class passengers that could come up, have a drink and have a cigarette,” said Mr Joyce.  

“This lounge was exclusive territory back in the 1970s and it was unfortunately taken out in 1979 to make way for business class seats, and Qantas is the airline that created business class.” 

The lounge had space for 15 passengers, a cocktail bar, and included seats that swiveled 360 degrees. 

The lounge was considered revolutionary at the time and was part of a new era in travel brought in by the 747. 

The replica lounge has been built to scale using original plane wall panels taken from a retired Qantas 747-200 in the Mojave Desert.  

It features fabrics and vivid colours of the decade meticulously recreated to match the originals. 

Qantas donated funds raised from the 747 retirement joy flights in 2020 to help cover installation costs. 
The Qantas Founders Museum is hosting a program of events through the airline’s centenary year.  

For more information visit the Qantas Founders Museum website. 

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