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25 March, 2021

Mum and daughter raise $12k for charity

THE EFFECTS of cancer on many Australians motivated a local mother and daughter to shave their heads and raise money for charity.

By Kate Kiernan

Corinne and Lainey were excited and motivated to shave together as they raised money for those who had been impacted by cancer.

Last Friday night at the Birdcage Hotel, Lainey Rockett and her mother Corinne Ballard shaved their heads in support of Shave for a Cure and raised over $12,000 for the Leukemia Foundation. 

Lainey said she was inspired by the courage of previous participants in the World’s Greatest Shave.  

“I told Mum about the idea, as I have always wanted to do it, ever since I got to high school,” she said. 

Mum, Corinne, decided she could not let Lainey do it on her own. 

“We put it straight up on social media and started fundraising and have been doing so for the last four weeks,” said Corinne. 

“We have had family members that have passed from cancer, by raising money for blood cancer we have also had people come to us and say they have lost family. 

“Cancer has touched everyone in some ways, the amount of money we raised in the big scheme of things is not making an enormous difference, but it is raising awareness and gets that conversation started.” 

Many local businesses contributed to the evening by donating money and items for the auction. 

“It just goes to show that we live in a very small, supportive community,” said Corinne.  

“During our fundraising, many people have approached us to share their cancer story with us, we had no idea they are fighting that battle or have been personally affected. 

“The biggest takeaway is to just be kind and give back a little.” 

Corinne said she hoped the money raised would go towards aiding families in paying for accommodation to take away some of the financial pressure.

Both looking incredible with their freshly shaved heads.    

Event manager at the Birdcage Hotel Michael Lloyd said the event was an enormous success.  

“We support a lot of charities, we are always helping out charities and local groups around the community, so we run raffles on a Friday night and its one of those things that we do to help within the community,” he said. 

“It’s a great cause and thank you very much to the Longreach community for supporting it.” 

Principal of Longreach State High School (LSHS) Vanessa Moller said it was something fun for the kids to do, while also raising awareness of cancer. 

“We try and do this every year as it’s a nice wellbeing thing for the kids, something fun and raises awareness of blood cancers and cancer,” she said. 

“Thank you to the support of our local constabulary who have been so good, they turn up to everything and the kids love them. 

“It’s a magnificent event in support of one of our students and I really do appreciate the police coming down and showing their support,” Ms Moller said. 

Forty-seven Australians are diagnosed with blood cancer each day and that number is set to double to close to 100 by 2035, there has never been a more crucial time to get behind World’s Greatest Shave.  

For more information or to donate to the World’s Greatest Shave visit

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