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29 May, 2020

Multiple thefts in Longreach

NUMEROUS felons were charged last week following a string of assault and theft charges.

LATE on Tuesday, May 19, Police were called to an assault in Longreach after receiving a complaint. Upon arriving at the scene, a 30-year old male was charged with assault. Once at the local watch-house, the male person began assaulting Police and was further charged with assault and obstructions against Police. He is due to appear in Court at a later date.

On Tuesday, May 19, at approximately 12pm, a truck became bogged and was left on the side of the road. Upon returning the following day, it was discovered that $5,000 worth of tools and accessories had been stolen from the vehicle’s back tray. Police are currently conducting further investigations.

On Sunday, May 24, at 3pm, a Longreach resident visited a friend, leaving a utility parked in a laneway where they were accessing a fridge in its tray throughout the afternoon. Shortly after getting more supplies from the fridge, it was discovered that the fridge was stolen from the open back tray.

Officer-in-Charge of Longreach Police, Senior Sergeant Graham Seabrook, urges people to secure their personal belongings as best they can in order to prevent future theft.

“It’s nice to think we live in a nice outback community,” Sergeant Seabrook said. “However, unfortunately, there are thieves that will take items opportunistically that aren’t secure.

“Police are urging everyone, in particular workers with utilities and trailers, to secure items in sheds or in the back of an open tray as best they can.”

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