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21 May, 2021

Mensshed receives local donation

Donations to the Mensshed have helped keep their organisation afloat.

By Kate Kiernan

Mensshed members Bruce McCymont, Graham Hoskin, Peter Klem, Bill Parker and Kevin Moody showing off their new toy. PHOTO: Kate Kiernan

THE Longreach Mensshed has received a special donation to assist them with their future projects. 

Gavin Ballard owner of the Birdcage Hotel donated a scissor lift trolley to the Mensshed. 

“It is just good to give back to the local community, it’s for a great cause especially when the older generations retire, the Mensshed allows them to continue working while having some fun,” said Mr Ballard. 

“The trolley allows them to keep ticking overdoing something and just helps them all out. 

“Even the younger generations will be able to use the machine,” said Mr Ballard. 
The scissor lift trolley table has a lift capacity of up to 150kg and features a pump-action foot pedal and trigger release to ensure a smooth and easy operation. 

Markets coordinator for MenssShed, Karen Mitchell said it would be an asset to all the men at the Mensshed. 

“We have even had a couple young guys, one in a motorbike accident who lost mobility from chest down, this will be a really good asset where they can come in do something and we can cater to everybody,” said Ms Mitchell. 

“It is so awesome to have this donated to us, especially for those who have limited mobility or disabilities. 

“The flexibility of the height and mobility of the table means that the men can adjust the height so people in wheelchairs or wheelie walkers can use it, as well as it caters to helping the men with bigger jobs. 

“It is just so awesome that Gav’s donated this, it will really take the pressure off elderly people lifting and carting around heavy materials. 

“It is open for any support worker organisations and any men on the land going through drought stuff like that, come on down for the PSD side of things and anyone that has disabilities your more than welcome,” said Ms Mitchel. 

Chairman of the Mensshed Bill Parker said the new tool will go towards helping them make items for the community and local organisations. 

“It is wonderful for us to have this; we are extremely thankful and very grateful for Gav’s generosity,” said Mr Parker. 
The Mensshed offers a chance for men of all ages to meet up, work on projects, learn new skills, or just to socialise, meet up and connect. 

They get together every Tuesday at 9.30am at wool pavillion at the Longreach Showgrounds. 

New members and men of all ages are welcome to come by their workshop. 

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