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22 May, 2021

Locals get their chance on the catwalk

In preparation for the Women of the World Festival in July, local women have gotten together to make outfits.

By Kate Kiernan

Locals created artworks that will be digitally transformed into a pattern for fabric garments on the catwalk. PHOTO: Kate Kiernan.

CREATIVE local women of the Longreach Art and Crafts group will have their canvas artworks digitally printed onto clothing for an upcoming catwalk show. 

As part of The Women of the World (WOW Australia) festival held in Longreach on July 2-3, the women will have the option to model their own clothing or have someone model it for them.  
Hosted by Red Ridge the Label, a fashion enterprise that spotlights Central Western indigenous artists,  Canvas to Catwalk will feature the Diamantina and Georgian collections including artwork from Two Sisters Talking: (Anpanuawa) Joyce Crombie and (Aulpunda) Jean Barr Crombie.  
The artworks made by the Longreach Art and Crafts group last Thursday, will be taken, and digitally transformed to become outfits for the opening of the festival. 

General Manager of Red Ridge and Blackall local Louise Campbell said the company had been working with the idea of bringing fashion to the region since 2009.  

“Tonight is about taking a small collection of arts from the Longreach community and bring them into the WOW event,” she said during Thursday’s workshop.  

“The artwork is no longer an artwork [at that point], it becomes a pattern.”  
Brisbane-based Red Ridge the Label Lead Fashion Designer Laura Churchill added that it tells their [the artist’s] story in a way that we can translate to fabric.  

“This is opposed to doing a generalised portrait or a landscape painting,” she said.  
“This one is more individualised because we are doing a local event. 

“So, these ones [the artworks made at the workshop] are unique and one-off pieces [only for the event], but we will tie it together with our main collections.” 

Ms Churchill takes the artworks from the workshops and using digital scanning, makes the outfits.  

“Red Ridge the Label, is working separately, but for the WOW event we wanted to embrace the community so they could see how the journey works in the fashion world from the canvas to the catwalk,” she said.  

“So, from their canvas work, they will be involved right through to the event in July. 

“Some of the ladies might wear their own [garments they worked on], some might choose to have someone wear their frock for them, but it’ll be a showcase from the Longreach community in conjunction with Red Ridge the Label which will be the collections from Diamantina and the Georgina.” 

The WOW festival will be held at the Longreach Civic Centre July 2-3. 
For the WOW festival pass, which includes a Friday night welcome ceremony and Red Ridge the Label - Canvas to the Catwalk, all conversations and workshops across Saturday, and Saturday night performance of Country Witches Association, it will cost $50.  

Otherwise, the Saturday pass, which includes, all conversations and workshops across Saturday, and Saturday night performance of Country Witches Association, will cost $40. 

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