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2 September, 2020

Lions exchange trash for cash

LONGREACH Lions Club has teamed up with Outwest Container Exchange to clean up the streets and raise funds by allocating wheelie bins to different locations across town.

By Hamish Hart

Waste not...(l to r) Longreach Lions Club's Matthew Strong, Quenton Scott and president Doug Allpass are committed to cleaning-up and raising funds for the community.

Beginning in Queensland on November 18, Containers for Change is a system that offers 10 cent refunds to those who deposit eligible packages such as bottles and cans, with Longreach Outwest Container Exchange being one of more than 200 authorised refund locations across the state.

Operator of the exchange, Patsy Worland, alongside husband, Jamie, realised the potential for a recycling hub in the Central West and together established the community system.

Since its establishment in March 2019, the exchange has processed more than three million items and raised $100,000 towards the Longreach community.

President of the Longreach Lions Club, Doug Allpass, said the non-for-profit community organisation had always been advocates for fundraising and preserving the town’s ecosystem.

“The Lions Club has always been involved with Clean up Australia Day by picking up rubbish around town and along the river and its camping spots,” Mr Allpass said.

“However, since Jamie and Patsy established Outwest Container Exchange in town, the Lions Club and in particular, Quenton Scott, has been bringing bottles and cans in since July 2019.

“Since beginning the project the club has raised around $2000 and continues to have a very good working relationship with Patsy and Jamie.”

To expand their recycling horizons, the club purchased 10 wheelie bins in April to place at high traffic areas and events such as the Longreach Showgrounds, Apex Park and race meetings.

“Donned in yellow and purple to represent the Lions’ colours, the bins have a one-way hole in the top so all the refundable items can be put in and won’t be able to be pulled back out,” Mr Allpass said.

“The idea is to place these bins strategically around town and at camping spots so the public can deposit their refundable items.

“This will be another way the club raises funds which will go back into the community’s pockets and support Queensland and National Lions medical research.”

Mrs Worland praised Lions members for their dedication to cleaning up Longreach, acknowledging long-time member, Quenton Scott (Scotty), for his enduring passion.

“To see people from different groups such as the Lions Club is great,” she said. “Scotty is a regular and is here once or twice a week dropping off rubbish.

“Not only does it get rubbish of our streets, it doesn’t go back into landfill because it’s recycling. It also creates fundraising from a local group which goes back into the local community.”

Mr Allpass also commended Mr Scott for his efforts and said a variety of organisations would benefit from the Lions Club’s latest project.

“All members collect bottles and cans, but Scotty is the one who does it on a daily basis,” Mr Allpass said. “He cleans up roadsides and anywhere there is rubbish like tourist spots and places events have been held.

“The funds raised from this project will support medical research, local school bursaries and help students to attend zone and state-level sporting events, assist clubs and organisations in acquiring necessary resources and equipment, and provide motorised buggies for people who have difficulty getting around or don’t have a vehicle or licence.”

The Longreach Lions Club’s wheelie bins will be distributed throughout town later this year.

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