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17 September, 2021

Let’s hear it for the Barccys

Barcaldine State Prep-12 School's Cutloose was a smash hit.

By Michael R Williams

The students of Barcaldine State School got a little bit dramatic this weekend. PHOTOS: Michael R Williams.

CITIZENS of Barcaldine hit the red carpet this weekend to see the hottest show in town — Cutloose.  

The show, produced by Barcaldine State School, was a major hit, sold out on Friday and mostly sold out Saturday — with an attendance of 390.  

Barcaldine State School Teacher and Cutloose Creator Director Mykala Balderson said the show went brilliantly.  

“We were so clean with backstage and hitting lines, we shaved 10 minutes off the run time,” she said. 

“The kids did a brilliant job — it was amazing.” 

Ms Balderson said many of the actors were tired after the production and over a year of hard work.  

“They said they were both glad that it was over and also sad it was over,” she said.  

“The lead actor, Hannah Gronald, said she missed rehearsals already.” 

Going into the future, Ms Balderson said depending on staff and logistics, she plans to make the musical a bi-yearly occurrence.  

“I had a great team under me that did the choreography, directed actors, helped with backdrops, those types of things,” she said.  

“Thanks to everything  [the staff has] done, we’ve been able to make the show what it is. 

“They’ve turned school-orientated tasks to assist with the show, such as making the backdrops art class and staying back to help the production. 

“The backstage crew was amazing too, every kid involved in the production put in 1000 per cent and it shows.” 

Ms Balderson said it was important for teachers to remember why they are teachers, and the arts are incredibly important for growth and independence in students. 

“I’d like to see the arts come back to the forefront in schools,” she said. 

“I think [these students] got things they were missing; in Barcaldine we don’t have a dance studio. 

“There’s not really any productions for kids these days, so they got some things they were missing.” 

Year 8 student, lead actor, and performer of Wren McCormack, Hannah Gronald thanked the teachers for their hard work, adding, ‘Thanks for all the food, too’. 

Ms Gronald has been working hard at becoming a dancer, practicing often over zoom. 

“For me, I had to learn a lot with acting and singing,” she said.  

Year 12 student and Performer of Principal Ms Landers Holly Bennett said a lot of hard work had gone into the production and noted it had brought people together who might not have met otherwise. 

“We’ve become great friends,” she said.  

Ms Bennett is looking to become an actress after she leaves school, and said she learned a lot from the musical, including dancing.  

“It was definitely a big confidence booster,” she said. 

The students were appreciative of their co-actors, backstage, and the teaching staff that have helped them along the way.   

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