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25 August, 2020

"Help stop the carnage" during Road Safety Week

THIS WEEK is Road Safety Week, and Longreach Police will increase road enforcement and community presence to stop traffic offences and to remind motorists of the need to be vigilant.

By Senior Constable Bede Little

The focus of Road Safety Week is to educate the community regarding the dangers of the Fatal Five driver behaviours. These are the five behaviours that account for a majority of all serious and fatality crashes.  They are obvious, and their dangers are well reported. However, drivers continue to repeat these five behaviours. You can save lives by: wearing a seatbelt, avoiding distractions, not speeding, not driving tired and not drink driving.

Police from Longreach Station and the Longreach Road Policing Unit have had a busy week. Police are continuing to enforce operation Sierra Protect as part of Rural Road Safety Month.

In the last week Police intercepted 174 vehicles. Encouragingly, Police did not identify any drink driving offences. However, Police have identified and charged one motorist following a roadside drug test. 

Police issued 19 infringement notices with 11 of these relating to speed offences. One motorist was caught travelling at 148km/h on the Landsborough Highway. I would hate to think how long it would take that vehicle to stop if the driver encountered a traffic hazard like stock or wildlife.

Police identified and issued infringement notices to a few motorists who had failed to renew their vehicle registration. Check your vehicle registration. A check can be easily done by visiting the Queensland Transport website or by downloading the app.

Thankfully, there were no serious crashes this week. However, things came close. While travelling towards Winton, a light vehicle was struck with a large spare wheel that had fallen from a heavy vehicle. The runaway wheel has collided with the passing light vehicle. Despite having the possibility to end badly, nobody was hurt. However, this is a timely reminder of the need to secure items property.

A review of the Queensland road toll reveals that nine unnecessary deaths have occurred in the last week alone and the 2020 toll sits at 156 deaths. Help stop the carnage.  Watch your speed, wear your seatbelt, put your phone aside while driving, take a break while driving and do not drink drive.

As a road user you have the power to save lives.

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