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16 July, 2021

Farm inspired theatre show

A theatre production has swept the west.

By Michael R Williams

Georgia Spark holding Manny, the very naughty Koala, Cilla Pershouse with her daughters Annie and Greta Pershouse, and Samara Marinelli are travelling theatre troupe that just passed through Ilfracombe. PHOTOS: Michael R Williams.

THEY jumped and danced and cheered; children in Ilfracombe last Saturday had a blast at a recent theatre production.  

Held in the Ilfracombe Recreational Centre, Blue Gum Farm TV performed Outback Boogie — a dance-along theatre show.  

The dance floor was packed with kids eager to dance along, even when the moves got a little too complicated for them.  

Creator-writer-performer Cilla Pershouse described her show as a program aimed at educating children aged six and under about life on the farm and food and fibre production. 

“It’s a celebration of life in the bush,” she said. 
“For kids in this area, they are country kids: they understand about life on the land, they understand where food comes from,” Ms Pershouse said.  

“This aspect of the show is to say look at us, yes we have hardships, but we are an inspirational bunch of people living in this area, and this is a show that wants to encapsulate that.” 

In the last few years, Ms Pershouse has been touring more and more in regional Queensland. 

She said this was due to growing up in the bush and having a deep passion for it.  

“Any time an Arts Council production came into our town, it was like a little insight into the theatre world and performing arts,” she said. 

“I’m a farmer’s daughter and it was from spending time with the artist that my passion for performing grew.” 

She said bringing professionally trained artists out to the regions was vital because they [the artists] may inspire someone in the same way she was inspired.  

“That’s a little part of it — I want to offer things that were offered to me,” she said.  

While Blue Gum Farm TV is in town, they offer theatre masterclasses.  

Ms Pershouse wished to thank the Longreach Regional Council and Arts Queensland for their financial and general support.  

For more information visit their website, 

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