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3 August, 2020

Do your bit to stop the carnage

OVER THE PAST week, Police from Longreach Station and Longreach Road Policing Unit have been out in force, targeting traffic offences. Police intercepted 84 vehicles which resulted in the identification of two drink drivers.

By Senior Constable Bede Little

On Wednesday, July 22, Longreach Police hosted a local traffic operation targeting seatbelt and mobile phone offences. Police were disappointed with the high number of motorists that failed to wear seatbelts. On Wednesday alone, Police issued four seatbelt infringement notices. On the same day two motorists were observed by Police using a mobile phone while driving. Both drivers were issued with a hefty $1,000 fine. I could think of a better way of blowing $1,000.

Speeding offences remain high, with 18 speed offences detected this week. Police were amazed at the high speeds detected during the week. One motorist was observed travelling at 149km/h on the Landsborough Highway. Police later detected a similar speed of 144km/h. Travelling at those speeds is sheer madness.

During the week Police also intercepted a few motorists driving vehicles with expired registration or driving with expired licences. This can be a costly exercise. Take the time now to check the renewal date on your Driver License and check your vehicle registration using the Queensland Rego Check application. The application is available to both Android or Apple devices.

A review of the Queensland road toll reveals that eight unnecessary deaths have occurred in the last week alone and the 2020 toll sits at 140 deaths. Do your bit to stop the carnage. Watch your speed, wear your seatbelt, put your phone aside while driving, take a break while driving and don’t drink drive. 

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