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23 July, 2021

Comforting addition to birth suits

Longreach Hospital Acting Maternity Manager Meri Howden with the new birthing bed and one of the new baby cots. PHOTO: Supplied.

LOCAL mothers and newborns will have a further enriched experience when visiting a local hospital thanks to new additions to their facilities. 

Longreach Hospital has improved its birthing unit with a new, state-of-art birth bed and three new baby cots. 

“The new birth bed is more manoeuvrable than the previous one, can adjust to more positions, and is all-round more convenient to use,’’ Acting Maternity Manager Meri Howden said. 

“The three new, height-adjustable baby cots also are an improvement on the previous ones. 

“They can be moved close to mum’s bed so that she can easily reach her hand out to touch and soothe baby while still remaining in her own bed. 

“The new birth beds and cots will help further enrich the birthing experience in our maternity unit.’’ 

The Longreach Hospital birthing unit, which was completed in April 2018 as part of a major 

redevelopment of the hospital, offers three single ensuite post-natal rooms, a birth suite, a 

maternity assessment room, a nursery, and an equipment room. 

An average of 60 babies are born a year at the hospital, with 42 babies so far in 2021. 

The hospital experienced a significant spike in births in January and February and expects to 

record more than the average 60 births by the end of this year. 

“There’s little doubt the surge in births for the beginning of this year is connected to the 

pandemic lockdown in early 2020,’’ Ms Howden said. 

“In addition, I believe some mums that might have otherwise travelled outside the region to give birth decided it was safer to stay within the Central West and birth here at our excellent birthing unit. 

“I think this trend will continue this year with more women deciding to stay and birth in the 

Central West, so we are already arranging to offer additional antenatal courses for local women and their partners and preparing for a big year. 

“In fact, we’re about to enter a traditionally busy birthing time of the year over the next two to three months, so the new beds have arrived at a very opportune time.’’ 

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