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11 November, 2020

Caleb Lawrence is High School's top student for 2020

YEAR 12 student Caleb Lawrence was awarded the CQ University’s Academic Student of the Year at the Longreach State High School’s (LSHS) awards ceremony on Wednesday of last week.

By Hamish Hart

The annual awards night was cancelled this year due to coronavirus restrictions. However the school coped with the cancellation by hosting two ceremonies over the past fortnight to honour the achievements of their students.

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 were presented awards on October 21, while those in Years 10, 11 and 12 had their ceremony last week.

While Lawrence took out the top award, Junior Dux was presented to Nicholas Larsen (Year 9). Both of these students also received a Gold Distinction.

Academic Achievement awards and Gold Distinctions were also presented to McKenzie and Sienna Neuendorf (Year 7), Preston Laurie (Year 8), and Jacqueline Causer (Year 10).


Unfortunately The Leader has not been furnished with the full names of all award recipients because of the school’s “media permissions” policy, therefore only those where full and first names were supplied have been published.

Silver merits:

  • Macarthur, Marni, Jeandre, Connie, McKenzie, Riordann, Hamish, Isabelle, Malcolm, Georgia, Ruby, Jacob (Year 7); Alexander, Jozette, Ella, Felicity, Ronan, Lachlan, Noah (Year 8); Michelle, Matthew, Imogen, Lachlan, Jackarra, Sophie, Olivia, Harrison, Lainey (Year 9); Elijah, Rhett, Tea, Grace, Kady (Year 10); Blake, Macie, Molly, Ty, Harrison, Madisyn, Jake, Hannah (Year 11); Breanna, Laine, Rochelle, Grace, Emily, Amy, Jack, Zac, Venessa, Melanie, Lachlan, Lexie, Zaiden (Year 12).

Gold distinctions:

  • Leila, McKenzie, Sienna (Year 7); Harry, Preston, Harry, Christopher (Year 8); Nicholas (Year 9); Georgia, Olivia, Jacqueline (Year 10); Aiyahna, Hannah, Minnie (Year 11); Caleb (Year 12).

Sportsmen and women of the year:

  • Chas Ballin (Junior male); Jackarra Jones (Junior female); Jack (Senior male); Maddison Richards (Senior female).

Swimming age champions:

  • Isabelle (12 year girls); Will (12 year boys); Felicity (13 year girls); Corey (13 year boys); Sophie (14 year girls); Chas (14 year boys); Olivia (15 year girls); Nicholas (15 year boys); Aiyahna (16 year girls); Drew (16 year boys); Anne (Open girls); Caleb (Open boys).

Athletics age champions:

  • Georgia (12 year girls); Sam (12 year boys); Jozette (13 year girls); Harry (13 year boys); Jackarra (14 year girls); Chas (14 year boys); Olivia (15 year girls); Jack (15 year boys); Aiyahna (16 year girls); Rhett (16 year boys); Emily (Open girls); Lachlan (Open boys).

Jozette Jones, Jackarra Jones and Connie were also honoured for representing LSHS in regional netball.

Special awards were presented by members of community and national organisations to honour students who have shown exemplary dedication and professionalism both outside and during school hours.

Distinctive award recipients:

  • Aiyahna Browning (Lioness Club Academic Encouragement, Year 11); Seth Hunt and Geeshaka Kariyawasam (Principal’s Academic Encouragement, all years); Jozette Jones (Zonta Girls in Science, Year 8); Noah Ball (ICPA Consistent Effort, all years); Harry Laing (Sir James Walker Award for Computing Excellence, all years); Hannah Zischke (GR Consulting Girls in IT and Business, all years); Emily (George Bourne and Associates Engineering, Year 12); Malcolm (Michelle Gracie Award, all years); Grace Bates and Caleb Lawrence (Longreach Leader Writing Award, all years); Preston Laurie (Proterra Group Award, all years); Minnie Zischke and Michelle Bartley (Longreach Arts and Cultural Association Award, all years); Rochelle Ballard (MRAEL Group Year 12 Trainee of the Year); Hannah Zischke (Golden West Year 11 Trainee of the Year); Jack Elmes (RAPAD Skilling Year 12 Apprentice of the Year); Seth Hunt (Western Game Processing Year 11 Apprentice of the Year); Hugh Smith (Longreach Rotary Club Citizenship Award, Years 7 to 9); Tea Rumsey and Will Goodman (Longreach Rotary Club Citizenship Award, Years 10 to 12); Leila Ballin (Lachlan Miller School Spirit Award, Years 7 to 9); Grace Bates (David Littleproud Award, Years 10 to 12); Harry Marshall and Rhett Harris (Lion Norm Morris Memorial Scholarship, all years); Jayden McCoy (Longreach Regional Council Bursary, Years 7 to 11); Noah Ball, Matthew Smith and Ally (Chaplain Encouragement Award); Will Goodman (Tony Rayner Tertiary Bursary, Year 12).

Principal of LSHS, Vanessa Moller, said it was wonderful to properly recognise the achievements and hard work undertaken by school students.

“Both mornings were a resounding success, and we thank both the school community and broader Longreach community for helping make it so," Ms Moller said.

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