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10 March, 2021

Barkers Building Blocks

LEGO MASTERS are emerging across Longreach as a local store’s annual competition ends.

By Kate Kiernan

Tom Gowlings winning Lego entry ‘The Shearing Shed’ Photos: Kate Kiernan

Barkers Newsagency announced their Lego Competition winners on Monday. 

For virtually a decade, Barkers have been running the competition hoping to inspire and entertain young creative minds. 

There were over 40 entries judged in this year's competition, all competing for the Barkers Lego Master title and prize. 

Owner of Barkers Newsagency Rob Luck said they have the competition to display children's creativity and imaginations. 

“We have many entries from kids across the township, it is great to see what they come up with.” he said.  

“It is an amazing activity for kids and parents alike, as all through February the kids are actively working on their creation’s. 

“One of the winning creations this year was, ‘The Shearing Shed’ by Tom Gowing. 

“Knowing our young Tommy, he is extremely specific about his Lego and I am sure it is exactly to scale. 

“A big thankyou from Barkers Newsagency to our judge Jacen who is an avid Lego collector.” 

Jacen has given a lot of time to assist in the judging of this year's competition.” 

Lego collector and judge of the competition Jacen Carpenter said the winner blew the score of the charts with 96/100. 

“It was the highest score we have had in the Lego competition, Tommy did extremely well.” he said. 

“Lego is not just for kids, there is a huge adult market in Lego throughout the world.” 

Mr Luck said they receive requests for an over 30-year-old Lego competition and did hint that it could be on the future cards. 

“The only issue with both a kids and adult competition is that we may run out of room for all the creations.” he said. 

“We think it is a wonderful thing to be able to do, and now we move into next month where we have the Easter coloring-in competition. 

“We love to help keep kids active and we enjoy being able to display their work and creations here at Barkers.” 

James Walker’s ‘The Covid Boarder Crossing’ was another impressive entry. 

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