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17 March, 2021

Barcoo new councillor Tony Jackson

THE ELECTORAL Commission of Queensland has declared Tony Jackson the successful candidate for the position of councillor for Barcoo Shire Council, receiving just over 38 per cent of the 144 formal votes.

By Emily Blue Richards

Tony Jackson the successful candidate for the position of councillor for Barcoo Shire Council

Commissioner Pat Vidgen said the result delivered a difference of only one vote between the top candidates.  

Tony Jackson received 55 votes with Glen Arrold receiving 54 votes and Warren Hansen had 35 votes. 

“This tight result demonstrates clearly to electors that every vote counts,”said Mr Vidgen. 

There are 207 electors in Barcoo Shire and 146 postal votes were accepted into the count by the deadline of Tuesday, March 16. 

The preliminary count took place after 6pm on election night and the official count followed where the votes were counted again. 

“Then in the 10 days between election day and the postal vote deadline, votes were counted in batches to protect the secrecy of the ballot,” Mr Vidgen said. 

“Once the deadline passed and the final votes received, the official count was completed, and the successful candidate declared. 

“Under the Local Government Act 2009, councils may choose whether to conduct a by-election, or appoint a runner-up to a councillor’s position, should it become vacant within 12 months of a local government election.” 

The Act also requires the vacancy be filled within two months of the position becoming vacant. 

“Barcoo Shire Council resolved to request a by-election through full postal ballot for the region’s 207 electors, and this was approved by the Deputy Premier and Minister for Local Government, the Honourable Dr Steven Miles.” 

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