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12 March, 2021

Barcoo Bridge gets a touch-up

Motorists could be waiting up to 30 minutes as a local bridge gets some work done.

Barcoo River Bridge in Isisford is currently undergoing some upgrades. PHOTO: Dawn Bailey

MOTORISTS should expect extended delays of up to 30 mins on the Barcoo River Bridge at Isisford between today and tomorrow. 

The Bridges Renewal Program (BRP) is an Australian Government initiative to fund the upgrade and replacement of bridges to enhance access for local communities and facilitate higher productivity vehicle access.  

The Bridges Renewal Program is part of the BRP program and will upgrade sections of the Dawson Developmental Road between Springsure and Tambo, including the construction of a new bridge over Barcoo River. 

Works are expected to continue till late March. 

The benefits of upgrading this road include increased connectivity between communities in flood prone areas. 

It provides a more reliable and safer road network, especially during the wet season and improves access for higher capacity vehicles as well as facilitating other economic opportunities. 

The Australian Government has committed $40 million to this project. 

The delivery schedule has been determined as planning on the project progresses and is in consultation with the Queensland Government. 

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