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17 December, 2020

Barcaldine Park planting promotes livability

BARCALDINE residents got into the gardening mood on Saturday morning by wearing their safest gloves and planting their prettiest flora to contribute towards the Barcaldine Regional Council’s Recreation Park project.

By Hamish Hart

Despite sweltering heat, regional residents came together to plant greenery at the upcoming Barcaldine Recreation Park.

Located on Kurrajong Drive, the Barcaldine Recreation Park is a multi-generational project which aims to provide residents with a man-made lake to enjoy during the region’s most humid days and will include facilities such as picnic shelters and a playground zone.

Lake excavation commenced in September 2019, with the water supply  being turned on by Barcaldine State School students on December 1.

Construction of the clubhouse is underway, with a fish habitat also set to be established.

The purpose of the planting day was to make the island green before the lake is filled with water.

The plants on the island are to help with erosion and the general appearance of the park.

Barcaldine Regional Council are at the point where the lake can be filled with water, but before it is, planting on the island was required.

It was also the first occasion for majority of community members to see the progress of the facility and participate in the further development of the project.

Residents can undertake a variety of aquatic activities including canoeing, swimming, rowing, sailing and fishing, as well as non-water based activities such as walking, running and cycling at the park.

The facility has also been described as a great boost for resident’s mental health and wellbeing due to the inclusion of recreational activities. Local businesses will also see the benefit with more visitors to the region.

The lake is 1100m long and 250m wide, with a water depth of 3.2m. 

Further development stages are planned and will be developed as funding becomes available.

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