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19 June, 2021

ARIA winner among line up for fest

Aria winner and Aussie music industry darling, Kate Miller-Heidke will be coming out west.

By Michael R Williams

ARIA award winner Kate Miller-Heidke will be performing in Charleville in July. PHOTO: Supplied. 

KATE Miller-Heidke and Williams Barton will be among a star-studded lineup at the Music for Stargazing event on June 29 in Charleville and will be the centrepiece of the QLD Music Trails event.  

Music Trails is a music festival, road trip fusion that will cover most of regional QLD, including events in Quilpie, Windorah, and Birdsville.  

Kate Miller-Heidke will be performing in Charleville at the Charleville Cosmos Centre and said she was excited to be a part of the world premiere of the Music Trails festival alongside William Barton, a performer she is enamoured with.  

Ms Miller-Heidke is also excited to be performing her own set in Charleville for the first time and is revisiting the region after having finished Year 3 in the town.  

And while a lauded musician herself, Ms Miller-Heidke wanted to emphasise her co-performer William Barton, who she claims, without hyperbole, to be a genius.  

William Barton will be performing a unique commissioned piece about the brilliance of the night sky in Charleville.  

“There’s nobody on the planet making music like he does at the moment, and particularly on the didgeridoo; he’s a pioneering composer and performer,” she said.  
“He manages to capture the sound of the Australian landscape.” 
Which is the major theme of the Music Trails event — to capture the sound of the places the events will be held at, which will include Windorah and Birdsville.  
The theming of the show in Charleville will be based around the stars and sky. 

“It will be transcendent,” Ms Miller-Heidke said.  

While she said her songs are more down-to-earth than her comrades, she will be attempting to channel the same energy.  

“It will be sublime, and entertaining,” she said.  

She said music festivals in the outback are more prescient now than ever.  

“A lot of people in regional areas are starved of performance,” she said.  

“This event in Charleville and all over Queensland will give people a chance to explore their own state, especially since we can’t travel overseas.” 

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