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8 March, 2021

Another pole hit, another day in Longreach

WOMPOO and Lark Street’s intersection pole in Longreach has been hit by a car again. The pole won the fight.

By Emily Blue Richards

Another pole accident urges people to go slow and watch out on the roads of Longreach as tourist season warms up. PHOTO: Emily Blue Richards

WOMPOO and Lark Street’s intersection pole in Longreach has been hit by a car again. 

The pole won the fight. 

Ashley Cocks said her car was a write-off and she had only been in Longreach a week. 

“I’ve never been in a town with poles in the middle of the road,” she said. 

“Most of the intersections don’t have give way signs so I didn’t want to crash into anyone. 

“I was looking to see if anyone was coming and smashed into the pole in the middle of the road.” 

Ashley Shultz from Ergon Energy was on the scene just minutes after the accident. 

“It's a reoccurring incident due to the design in the Longreach town,” he said.  

“It’s something that our team is looking into and talking to the council.”  

Tom Petty from Longreach Police said this kind of thing happens more often than most would realise. 

“Look, it’s a bonus that it's not a life threatening crash,” he said. 

“It’s not particularly usual to have a lamp post sitting in the middle of an intersection, which is not a roundabout or a signposted road to tell you who goes first. 

“It's just another day in Longreach.” 

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