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19 June, 2021

An intimate show in Windorah

Music Trails will be coming to the Central West in Windorah

By Michael R Williams

Emily Wurramara, a rising talent, will be performing in Windorah at the Oasis Afternoons event. PHOTO: Supplied.

EMILY Wurramara has been singing since she left home at 14 and will be bringing her solemn set to Windorah as a part of Oasis Afternoons, a Music Trails event.  
“Music is a safe place for me,” she said. 

“It’s therapeutic, it speaks in volumes for many people, and I think that’s special.” 
Ms Wurramara said she was grateful to be playing on stage with other great performers such as Hussy Hicks a music duo she is a fan of.  

“It’s really deadly to be performing with them,” she said.  

She thinks the Music Trails initiative is a beautiful way of connecting the Australian outback.  

While she has never been to Windorah, she said she is looking forward to being in that country, seeing it, and learning about it.  

She believes it’s really important to get music to places like this, and the event is going to be special because of that.  

“My set is really intimate and pulled back, I try to make it as unique as possible,” she said.  

“Music is healing, and it connects to the spirit and soul, I think it brings people together from all places,” she said.  

Ms Wurramara said Australian’s are privileged to be able to listen to live music this year. 

“Globally, with the pandemic, many artists don’t know what’s going to happen with their careers, so it’s cool that we in our country can still perform and doing what we love.” 

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