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8 July, 2021

Lake Eyre Basin Ranger Update

COVERING almost a third of the state, the Lake Eyre Basin is formed by the mighty Georgina and Diamantina Rivers and Cooper Creek as they drain south through the deserts to Lake Eyre. The Lake Eyre Basin rangers (LEB) work hard to maintain the district's natural and cultural values, and this what they have been up to this past month.

The Lake Eyre Basin Rangers cover almost a third of the state, including the diamantina river. PHOTO: David Elliott

THE Mount Isa LEB rangers spent the early parts of this month settling & moving into a brand-new office of opportunity.  

The rangers attended the Glencore trainee graduation held in Camooweal to which saw an opportunity to meet and greet and liaise with members and stakeholders of the shire and surrounding communities. 

May 19 saw the Junior Ranger Roadshow kick off with a bang.  

Both Mount Isa and Longreach teams attending five towns and schools over four nights — roadshow style. Despite the teams travelling over 4000km, the Roadshow was a great success, delivered to over 100 students in some of Queensland’s most remote state schools such as Urandangie and Bedourie.  

Both Ranger teams received excellent feedback on the Roadshow and were strongly welcomed back by the schools. 

Whilst both teams were conducting the junior ranger program, two rangers from each team joined the LEBRA –Water quality and fish surveys of the whole LEB region.  

Rangers received great feedback for their work with scientists and Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) staff as well as Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) staff.  

Within this same roster of the junior rangers’ program and LEBRA, both teams successfully completed their CPR and Basic Emergency Life Support Skill Set at Mount Isa TAFE. 

Over the last six weeks, rangers teams attended the GDC in Mount Isa to spend time with the committee and engage with members on future projects and seek guidance. 

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