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Early General News

Column width: 32mm. Page width: 260mm. Page height 380mm.

Classified Advertising

Column width 62mm. Page width 260mm. Page height 380mm.

Full Colour General Display Advertising

Closing time for colour advertising is 10am Monday. Please submit advertisements in PDF format, with fonts embedded. Images at least 200 ppi in CMYK for colour, and 200 ppi for mono. No bleed is necessary.

Classified Run-On Advertising

Closing time for copy and payment 5pm Tuesday.

Engagement Notices

Must be signed by both parties and a Justice of the Peace, including their address and contact phone number.

Birth Notices

Must be signed by one parent and a Doctor, Registered Nurse or JP.

Found Notices

Published free of charge.

Funeral Notices and Death Notices

Will only be accepted by the Funeral Director concerned or if the name, address and phone number of the Funeral Director is provided for confirmation.


Published free of charge if the name and phone number of the author is provided for confirmation.


Payment for advertising must be made at the time of lodgement (cash or credit card) unless the advertiser has established an account. Name, address & telephone number of the advertiser must be provided when the advertisement is lodged. All advertising rates include GST.


An account with the Longreach Printing Co. Ltd. may be approved on the satisfactory completion of an “Application for Credit” form which will be forwarded by request.

Agency Commission

It is this newspaper’s policy that the 10% agency commission is only given to Advertising Media Agencies who book their client’s advertising through our Agency representatives. We are happy to advise you of our agencies.

Please Note

The publisher does not accept liability for error in repeat advertisements not drawn to our attention upon the first appearance. No allowances can be made for errors not materially affecting the effectiveness of the advertisement. Position cannot and will not be guaranteed. We reserve the right to revise or restrict any advertisement we deem objectionable and to change the classification when necessary to conform to the policy of this newspaper. In the event an advertisement is omitted from publication, we assume no liability for such omission. Advertisements must comply with anti-discrimination laws.